TGAP Registration


The Great American Pull raises funds for veteran’s therapy offered through the Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Veterans Research & Therapeutics. This offsets costs as the veterans are not charged for the various therapies we offer.

How to participate:

Read The Great American Pull Rules.

It is important to read all the rules that govern The Great American Pull event.  The rules are not flexible so that all teams are able to compete fairly. Each Team can have a maximum of twenty members. For the TGAP rules Click Here

Assemble Your Team

Teams can be assembled in any number of ways, but you max out at twenty members! An individual can start a team. Are you active duty military or in a reserve unit, because you can start a team. A business can start a team. Are you a member of a fire or police department, start a team. Do you belong to a labor union or a gym, start a team. Remember this is a competition, but its also for fun and most importantly we raise funds for veteran’s therapies.

Register a team.

Team registration is in two parts.  There is a non-refundable deposit and upon payment you will be notified that your team is accepted into the competition. Download the Team Registration form then complete and submit it. Download the Wavier of Liability form and have each team member complete and submit. The balance is due ten days before the event.

For the TGAP registration  Click Here

To download the TGAP team registration form Click Here

To download the TGAP wavier of liability form Click Here