Patriot Awards COA Masquerade

Thank you for joining us…See you at 6pm on Friday September 13, 2024!














Join us on Friday August 25, 2023 to honor the dedicated work of these great citizens!

Marge & Ted Superior ARNG Veteran
Volunteer of the Year Award

Mayor Jeff Martin USAF Veteran
Fr Vincent R Capodanno Veteran’s Tribute Award

Kam Amirzafari  USA Veteran
Veteran Advocate Award


Innvocation by Fr. Daniel Cahill









Special Event…yes, you are seeing a hole-in-one contest!

We added more fun to our 2023 Gala. While enjoying refreshments and cigars on the portico, attendees tried their hand at a Hole-in-One contest. Yes, they put down their glass and picked up their sand wedge as they hit from the portico to the ninth green.  You did not have to be a golf pro or even a scratch golfer to help raise money for our veterans therapies as they tried to win a new Honda Pilot XL from Hamilton Honda while supporting a worthy cause!


The Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Veterans Research Therapeutics is for veterans…

The Patriot Awards Gala mission is to raise funds for COA’s newly introduced our Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Veteran’s Research Therapeutics. Therapeutics are a key influencer for  your well-being. Through brain and wellness therapeutics COA will drive advances in and access to research and integrative/functional therapies to address the ravages that mental health and substance use disorders has had on our veterans. Keeping with the service and sacrifice of Fr. Capodanno no veteran is denied access due to status, religion or race.








Born of our Warrior Down -No Vet Left Behind program, no veteran will ever receive a bill from Fr. Vincent’s. COA believes that therapeutics,  through initiatives like integrative therapies is the missing link to addressing mental health and substance use disorders. When COA started in 2008, relapse was inconvenient, but now relapse is deadly. So it’s not rocket science that if recovery can be extended, relapse can be prevented. All this, with a concentration on neurogenesis, as we hope to heal the brain. We are hoping to create this environment through a comprehensive wellness center.




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