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Hello, and welcome to the City of Angels website. City of Angels NJ, Inc. was founded in January of 2009 after identifying the needs in our community of the addicted and their families for increased support, interventions and referrals. At COA, we offer support with the hope that we may be able to give people calm guidance as they approach the daily challenges faced by those affected with addictions.

From our early days, the City of Angels family has been committed to helping those who suffer from the disease of alcohol and/or drug addiction. The losses associated with addictions are devastating and City of Angels has been there for the addict and their suffering families. We were the first-ever “all volunteer community organization”, as we established and still maintain a no charge policy for our support services.

City of Angels has grown with time and as such, Recovery and meeting the recoveree where they’re at is now our focus. Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be Recovery! COA is staffed with NIN Certified Interventionists and CCAR Certified Recovery Coaches™.

Our Dana Brandt Family Program provides a RoadtoRecoverystrong foundation for the family’s basic understanding of the impact of the disease of addiction. We have developed relationships with hospitals, treatment centers, counselors and sober living homes, as we do hundreds of referrals every year. In addition, COA runs awareness presentations in, but not limited to, schools, church groups and youth groups. COA is located at the Dwier Center at 392 Church St., Hamilton, NJ, where you can find any number of support group meetings taking place seven days a week (see the online COA calendar).

City of Angels appreciates the many great organizations that have generously recognized and supported our mission. These include Volunteer Management Centers (VMC), Prudential Insurance, PSE&G and the Friendly Sons & Daughters of St. Patrick of Mercer County, in addition to our website advertisers and media partners.

If you have chosen Recovery or are contemplating Recovery and have Good Orderly Direction, you have a home at City of Angels. Have faith and know that your Higher Power is always with you, watching, caring, and cherishing you. Once you come to City Of Angels you are no longer alone, though you may leave us for a time we will never leave you!

Take a risk…trust and believe in something greater than yourself! Please, be a part of City of Angels, as you are the difference!

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