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At City of Angels we realize that our business associate’s donation dollars are limited and you must choose wisely when determining who gets those donations. So, why choose COA?

First, we are a non-profit 501.C.3 who has been serving our community with all volunteers for fifteen years.

Our work has been with the opioid epidemic and the devastating impact it has had and continues to have on our community. In 2008, COA was created out of necessity after the tragic overdose death of KC Meara, son of founders, Maryann & Kevin Meara. As the opioid epidemic took shape, friends of KC and their parents asked Maryann and Kevin for help. As with most parents facing a child dealing with substance use disorders (addiction), the Mearas had a lot to learn and so they did! Together, with friends and family, City of Angels was formed and incorporated in March 2009 with a Board of Trustees and volunteers. COA may be a small “mom and pop” non-profit, but our volunteers believe they do big things.

In 2009, the State of NJ referred to COA as a community recovery center, an area first. In 2008, COA volunteers were going to Hospital EDs and assisting drug overdose victims to get treatment…another area first. In 2012, COA recognized the importance of peer work and began training classes for volunteers to become recovery coaches. Again, a first in our area. COA has been training longer and trained more recovery coaches then any NJ agency. Today, they are called peer recovery specialists. In 2015 the Police Chief of Gloucester, MA was nationally recognized for his CARE program, but in 2008 COA partnered with local police to assist kids with substance-use problems and in 2012 officially called for standard operating procedures for drug and alcohol arrests. COA, with the assistance of Ofc Scott Kivet, established the first CARE program in Mercer County, NJ. COA has partnered with the NJ Narcotics Officers Association to train law enforcement throughout the state. In May 2014, COA met with the Massachusetts Dept of Health to discuss their groundbreaking work with Narcan and worked locally until November 2014 when Narcan was authorized for Mercer County first responders. In 2017, COA brought ODMAP, an overdose reporting system, to NJ and now it is in every county. COA founder, Kevin Meara presented at both the first White House Opioid Summit and first Department of Justice Opioid Summit. Kevin & Maryann Meara helped introduce NJ Governor Chris Christie’s ReachNJ program and was host for a White House Office of National Drug Control Policy learning session in NJ. A recipient of the 2018 NJ State Governors -Jefferson Awards for Public Service, COA continues to be recognized for their work both locally and nationally.

City of Angels  NJ, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that relies upon the generous donations of caring community members in order to assist those in need.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and very, very much appreciated.

COA also welcomes matching donations from the many corporations that match their employees’ charitable contributions. You can find out if your company does this by contacting your Human Resources Department or immediate supervisor.

You may make a donation via your PayPal account or by debit/credit card by clicking the donate button below. If you are making a donation in memory of someone, please include their name in the space provided in the donation area (Write a note (Optional), please enter the name of the person you are honoring with a donation so that we may notify their family of the donation:


Or mail a check to:

City of Angels NJ, Inc.

PO Box 10237

Trenton, NJ 08650

Please include your email address on your check so we can send you a receipt. For questions, please contact us at

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By giving $8.00 a month, less than the cost of a breakfast or lunch, less than $100.00 a year you may save a life and it could be someone you know.  Our life goes on as we pay for reoccurring gym memberships, music apps, and other recurring charges but do any save lives?  Our appeal to you is modest and doable for most working people, the humanitarian thing to do.  Join our Masquerade Initiative to unmask the fearful and help us help them.

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