Healing Warriors







Healing Warriors is a partner with City of Angels. They are led by Co-Directors: Santo Cerminaro (609-960-6932) and Peter Imbimbo (732-621-9165).


Healing Warriors is servicing the veteran’s community. They have already brought over fifty bible study meetings to our veterans at Soldier On, which included forty meetings with meals. They have coordinated for ninety free haircuts. Their Trader Joes food pantry is a partnership blessed by God! In a ten month period Healing Warriors has delivered 25,000 pounds of produce and 20,000 pounds of canned goods to our veterans. They deliver 750 pounds of bread every month. They have also provided forty cakes for meetings and birthdays.

In partnership with Hope Sheds Light, Healing Warriors has provided 1800 donuts to meetings.

Healing Warriors Co-Directors Santo Cerminaro and Peter Imbimbo share a moment with City of Angels Chairman/Founder Kevin Meara.