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At City of Angels our volunteers care!  City of Angels NJ, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with over a decade of experience in servicing our community’s mental health and substance-use disorder needs. While our original vision of “helping people get help” is still our central mission, we have expanded as the community’s needs have increased. City of Angels NJ, Inc. was created by a group of like-minded friends when founding members Kevin & Maryann Meara reached out in response to the 2008 tragic overdose death of their son KC.




No family has been charged for COA’s assistance. COA’s Hotline volunteers have been answering calls at 609.910.4942 uninterrupted since 2009. COA also conducts community outreach through schools and local events to educate the public about mental health and substance-use disorders.
City of Angels’ keys are…
The road to a healthy recovery is a difficult one to understand and even more difficult to navigate. City of Angels NJ, Inc. envisions this road with fewer obstacles. It is our hope that the journey to recovery will begin with the support of COA. It is here that those struggling with substance use disorders, those in recovery, and their family members can find the tools to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.
Call the COA office 609.581.2262 or Hotline 609.910.4942 for assistance or to volunteer!