TGAP Rules







  1. FASTEST PULL (timed):
    • An official starts the clock.
    • Entire team pulls tank to the 12 foot mark.
  2. LOWEST COMBINED WEIGHT PULL (2 minute limit)
    • Start with fewest members you choose, add members until the 12 foot pull is completed or the 2 minute limit is reached, whichever comes first.
    • All members who participate the Lowest Combined Weight Pull will immediately be escorted to the scale to be weighted.
    • PULLERS MAY NOT REMOVE ANYTHING from their person; they must be weight ‘as is’.
    • Team will be escorted out of the competition area.
    • Teams are encouraged to raise as much money as possible prior to the event.
    • Cutoff of donations will be 12 noon on the day of the event.
The top three teams in all categories will be honored in post-event ceremonies.



  1. Maximum number of team member in competition is 20.
  2. Each participant may only pull for one team. Team Captain is held responsible for ensuring all participants who pulled for their team will not pull for any other team.
  3. If any individual is found to have pulled for more than one team, all teams for whom this individual pulled will be disqualified.
  4. Wristbands must be worn at all times by all team members in order to participate.
  5. Team Captain must wear the captain’s bib at all times during competition.
  6. AFTER CHECKIN: The entire team must stay together. You will be called and escorted as a group to the On-Deck and Staging Areas when it’s your turn to compete. If your team is not read when called, the next team will be called and you may have to wait until the end of the day to compete. Family and friends MUST stay within the spectator areas as marked.
  7. TEAM PHOTOS: Each team will have their photos taken prior to the first Pull. Be sure Team Name Sign or Captain’s Bib number is visible so photos may be identified at a later date.
  8. Each team will be allowed up to 1 false start per pull without penalty (fastest and lowest combined weight categories). If an Event Referee declares a false start, the team will be notified to cease pulling. The team will then be allowed to reset and attempt a second pull in that category. If an Event Referee determines a false start has also occurred on the second pull attempt in any category, the team will be allowed to complete that pull, however the referee will notify the team captain upon completion of that pull that the second false start was declared and the team will have a 2-second penalty added to their pull time.
  9. If a team wishes to register any dispute over the conduct of any element of the competition, the Team Captain must personally present the dispute to either an Event Referee or the Event Director. The Event Director and Referees will then meet to discuss the dispute and will report back to the Team Captain. This decision will be considered final – no appeals will be entertained.
  10. RESULTS will be posted on the “Results Boards” after each team finishes their competition.
  11. TROPHIES will be awarded at approximately 3:00 PM for the top three teams:
    • Fastest Pull
    • Lowest Combined Weight Pull
    • Fundraising (terms will be recognized as of Pull day, trophies will be awarded after all money is received.)