Welcome to the City of Angels Advocacy Page!

We know that change is possible, and we are getting the word out to our friends, communities and policymakers to mobilize for that change.

Together we can influence the implementation of policies that address the harms of substance-use through prevention, education and treatment while developing solutions that promote recovery and the upholding of the sovereignty of individuals over their own minds and bodies.

Together as a community , we can tackle the serious problem of heroin and prescription drug addiction in Mercer County and work towards a solution to the current heroin & opioid epidemic plaguing our community and nation. This health epidemic is a having devastating effect on families and claiming the lives of more and more residents every day. We have to do our part as a community to help raise awareness and come up with solutions to this problem.

The task force will be charged with increasing awareness of prescription opiate and heroin abuse and addiction, aimed at reducing the demand for heroin and prescription drugs. They will also promote available resources for help and support the development of additional resources to treat and prevent addiction to heroin and prescription drugs. The task force members will serve as liaisons to state and local community awareness groups as well as non-profit groups and drug addiction service providers.