Welcome To City of Angels Recovery Wellness

Welcome peace-seekers! We are excited to have created a collaborative healing center & extensive network of healers, teachers, guides, coaches, facilitators, & speakers to bring healing & wellness to the Hamilton, NJ & surrounding areas.
This Meetup is for you if you desire to reconnect back to the truth of who you are, get in touch with your innate wisdom, and plug into a community of like-minded individuals who have a desire to become the best versions of themselves & who have an affinity towards non-traditional healing modalities.

Whether you are in the beginning stage of your healing journey or having been walking the path for many years, this Meetup will support your healing journey by meeting you exactly where you are & creating heart-centered connections that nourish your soul on every level.
Here you will find events & workshops ranging from breathwork, sound, reiki, yoga, Shiatsu and meditation to movement, inner child healing, shamanic journeys, and nutritional wellness, all of which are designed to awaken your soul to create a life that is filled with peace, purpose, happiness, alignment, & freedom.

Our hope is that this group will support your soul’s awakening & will inspire & empower you to move boldly in the direction of creating a life that is aligned & reflective of your heart’s deepest desires.
We offer both free/donation & fee-based events. The latter will support City of Angel’s Recovery Wellness – you can learn more about it here.
We are beyond excited to have you a part of our community & look forward to meeting you!     -Erin Bethke




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