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 Need some extra support in your recovery?

COA Recovery Coaches can help.

Trained and certified by COA with the CCAR Recovery Coach curriculum, Recovery Coaches serve as personal guides and mentors to people seeking or already in long term recovery. Coaches remove barriers & obstacles to recovery by connecting recoverees with resources, developing personalized wellness plans, monitoring progress and providing lots of encouragement. They act as a compliment to counseling, 12-Step programs, spiritual pursuits, community activities and other recovery support systems.

In addition to the Recovery Coach certification, many of the COA Recovery Coaches have training and expertise in healthcare, wellness, personal finance, spirituality and other essential life skills areas.  They may also provide other services to the recovery community. Some offer coaching services to COA clients on a pro bono basis, others charge for their time. Coaching sessions may be conducted in person or remotely (phone/email/Skype). Please contact each coach you are interested in working with for further details.

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Art Ackerman
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Art Ackerman is a friend of recovery, recovery coach and a tireless advocate for the recovery community. Art is COA’s Webmaster, Director of Events and Race Director for Walk/Run with the Angels. He also serves as head engineer for COA Radio. Those in recovery, those struggling with addiction and those concerned for their loved ones may contact Art at

Amy Bauman
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Amy Bauman has two boys ages 19 and 23. She is the Director on Aging for Piscataway Township and has been the Director of Senior Centers for the past 17 years. Amy is originally from the midwest and has lived in Hamilton, NJ for the past 12 years. To contact Amy, click here
Casey Carlisi
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Casey Carlisi is a person in long term recovery and a young mom. She is a certified interventionist, volunteers actively with COA and also trains new Recovery Coaches at the COA/CCAR Recovery Coach Academy in Hamilton, NJ. To contact Casey, click here. To learn more about Recovery Coach training, click here
Marge Ferraro
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Marge Ferraro is a compassionate soul with more than six years in recovery. She has also lost a son to addiction, so she understands the challenges faced by both addicts and their families. Contact Marge at
Mary Cuozzo-Fortunato
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Mary Cuozzo-Fortunato Mary is passionate about her fight as a person not in recovery, but has been effected. She advocates, educates, and raises awareness. She became a Certified Recovery Coach and Interventionist while residing in New Jersey and assists people into treatment and through continued recovery. She has recently relocated to Southern Florida and acting as a liaison for COA outreach. Those in recovery, struggling with addiction and those concerned for their loved ones may contact Mary via private message on Facebook - Mary Cuozzo Fortunato or call/text 609-533-1205
Bill Giovannetti
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Bill Giovannetti has more than two decades of experience helping families cope with the disease of addiction. He has started and run countless Nar-Anon groups throughout Mercer County and has been a first responder on the statewide Nar-Anon hotline for over 25 years. Bill is also active in the Knights of Colombus and several other groups. To watch a video of Bill speaking at The College of New Jersey about the role of the family in addiction management, click here. To contact Bill, call 609-587-7215.
Glorilyn Huber
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Glorilyn Huber is a 33 year old woman who loves people and is passionate to help those who have lost hope and purpose in their lives. Glorilyn is a dedicated advocate of recovery, who has experienced the affects of those caught in addiction, and has also seen the joy of those same lives completely changed, first hand. She is a Recovery Coach and volunteers for COA while running a men's sober house in Morrisville, PA. She is also on the board of and Treasurer for The Nehemiah Wall, an organization that provides a place of rehabilitation and nurturing for women recently incarcerated. She has a BA in Business Management, and is involved in production and various other ministries at Connect Church. Extracurricularly she loves to write, play softball, and enjoys many outdoor activities. She believes our strength is in our differences, we aren't meant to do life alone, and we all have the basic need of unconditional love. She aims to be the change she wants to see in the world. To connect with Glori, call/text her cell at (609) 790-7112, or email her at
Cathie Levine, CPA
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Cathie Levine, CPA is a retired accountant. She is also a friend of recovery and COA’s Treasurer. Cathie has many years of experience developing personal budgets and financial plans; she also assists recoverees with personal tax filings. To contact Cathie, click here
Stacy Manners
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Stacy Manners is a college student, volunteer at City of Angels, and longtime friend of the recovery community. She is available to assist recoverees seeking to take their recovery to the next level. She can be contacted by cell at 609-802-4573.
Toni Marchildon
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Toni Marchildon is a long time friend of the recovery community and is COA’s Director of Volunteers. She is completing her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) training. Toni is also a certified Reiki instructor and has spoken about meditation and other holistic health practices at COA events. To contact Toni, click here
Junior McLaughlin
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Junior (Marion McLaughlin) has been a friend of Bill W since July 10, 1995. She took the recovery coach class in October 2015.  Her aim is to help people.  Life is too beautiful not to enjoy it by living a good life. Before becoming a friend of Bill W she was a member of Al-Anon.  She lives in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. To contact Junior,
Linda Molnar
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Linda Molnar is a long time friend of recovery and COA’s Director of Chapter Offices. She holds a business degree from Rider University and has lived in Hamilton most of her life. “I love young people and I am a Christian. I am a very outspoken person!” she says. To contact Linda, click here
Diane Nickerson
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Diane Nickerson is a person in long term recovery. “I’m 56 yrs old,” she says. “I’ve struggled with addiction my entire life. In my early thirties I was in 2 car accidents that led to addiction to pain meds and then heroin. I had a very bad heroin addiction that lasted 12 years and cost me everything. I had to rebuild my life from nothing.  I have a strong foundation in both AA and Christ Centered Recovery. I started in Recovery and Prison Ministry a little over 9 yrs ago and since that time have met and worked with many women facing the challenges I once faced. Over the years I’ve acquired a great network of resources and contacts to help with the issues that arise in early and ongoing recovery. I am a women’s leader with Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministries and also serve with The House of Adonai Ministries in Philadelphia helping them to open The Redemption House for Women in Kensington where I am a Life Coach. You tell me where you want to get to in your recovery and together we can come up with a plan! I will provide you with the resources and encouragement, so you and God can do the work. I can meet with you at City of Angels or come to your location.” To contact Diane, call 267-338-5131.
Donna Ridorfino-Sommers
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Donna Ridorfino-Sommers Is a mother of 3, one of whom was cursed with the disease of addiction. She has devoted herself to provide guidance & assistance to anyone living with someone in addiction. Also working with Nara-Anon (a support group for families living with addiction) she leads meetings and sponsors clients. She provides her experience to help.
Tom Sommers
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Tom Sommers Is in Long Term Recovery. His own path of addiction provides him with powerful tools of survival without drugs or alcohol. Tom is also involved with Nar-Anon (a support group for families living with addiction.) Now also with COA he continues his steps by giving back.
Cheryl Breining Stankov
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Cheryl Breining Stankov is a compassionate soul with a heart to heal. She also volunteers with COA thru COA North Jersey. “What’s more powerful than ADDICTION?” she asks.  “A support system and a coach that has the life experience and compassion to understand, help, guide and mentor. My life has been plagued with addiction: my father struggled with alcohol and I myself was captured by alcohol and drugs in my youth and mid twenties. I also have a 24 year old son who struggled, relapsed and lost his life in an accident. My heart is to help lead the recoveree to a path of stability, recovery and healing through the many resources tailored to meet the obstacles of addiction. If you are in need of encouragement and support for your recovery or if I can help in any way please contact me.” Cheryl has spoken out about New Jersey’s heroin crisis on CBS News and in the London Times. To listen to her recent appearance on COA Recovery Radio, click here. To contact Cheryl, click here
Tim Sweeney
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Tim Sweeney is a 22 year old in long term recovery. He is originally from Morrisville, PA and now resides in Hamilton, NJ where he manages a sober home. Tim is an active member of 12 Step meetings and enjoys sports. “Helping a newcomer is what I enjoy the most,” he says.  “I am here to show young people it is possible to get sober and succeed.” Contact Tim at
Nancy Tilelli
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Nancy Tilelli is a nutritional, relationship and lifestyle coach with training in holistic health and wellness from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has spoken about health & wellness at COA events and also hosts “Wellness in Recovery” every other Tuesday night from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST on COA Recovery Radio ( Nancy is passionate about self-care and the mind-body-spirit connection, and credits this approach to her own success in long term recovery. To learn more about Nancy’s coaching practice, and/or to contact her, click here. To visit the official Wellness in Recovery archive of past shows, click here
Mary Tyson
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Mary Tyson has worked as a flight attendant for 25 years. She has become a friend and advocate of recovery since her own son is now in recovery. She is a Christian and lives in Hillsborough, NJ. To contact Mary, click here
Lorraine Vasanski
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Lorraine Vasanski is a recovering alcoholic with 6 years in sobriety. She is almost finished with her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) training, and has completed 2,400 of 3,000 intern hours. Lorraine also volunteers with COA. To contact Lorraine, click here