Just after his 50th birthday, Dewey passed away after many years of helping other drug addicts get and stay clean. Although his younger years were marked by alcoholism, drug abuse and crime, Dewey turned his life around and devoted more than 20 years to helping other addicts recover. He passed away just after his 50th birthday after many years of battling a heart condition.


Dewey was born in the summer of 1961 to a close knit family that had come to Hamilton from the hills of Italy. With alcoholism on both his mother’s and his father’s side of the family, it was almost inevitable that Dewey would also inherit the disease.


During his teens and early twenties, Dewey was feared throughout Southern New Jersey. He carried a gun, which he often used, and was frequently featured on the front page of the local papers.  As his disease progressed, his bad acts escalated and finally resulted in a prison term. It was there that Dewey began the long process of rehabilitation.


As he recovered, Dewey reached out to other addicts and assisted them in their journey. He is now remembered in Hamilton as having helped dozens of addicts and alcoholics attain and maintain their sobriety.